Use what you have!

My name is Jinette Lopez. To jump right in - the purpose of my blog and my whole movement is simply: USE WHAT YOU HAVE. I lived many months that added up to years holding myself back feeling like i "needed" certain things in order to finally be a real photographer. I can honestly say - it wasn't until I got crafty and resourceful that I catapulted a level of creativity i never knew I was capable of without the fancy finer things in photography life. 

My first post is a perfect example of affordable items used on a perfect sunny day to create a gorgeous portrait. I browsed on Amazon and purchased a kiddie pool (yes a kiddie pool). I took a black bed sheet and draped it inside the pool. Filled it with water and the look took off from there. 

Above is a BTS shot of our shoot - Below I attached a collage of the final images.

Gear used in this set:

Canon T3i

Sigma 35mm 1.4

Inflatable kiddie pool

Twin flat sheet (Black)

The Sun

My backyard :)