Speedlights + gels + Gobo?

This is a behind the scenes post on my trial and error results with speedlights and gels. 

I started with TWO NEEWER speed-lights 

I paired them with Flash Gels

annnnddd because i have no self control i gobo'd** them with a snowflake ornament


** In photography, a "gobo" is any object that goes between your subject and your light source. Gobos are just used to cast different patterns of light onto your subject.

Gobo's can be anything from window blinds to prisms, you naaaame it!

But wait... there's more! I decided to take down my window blinds

Zero self control. but really.. how else do you learn without trial trial trial and a little bit of error + success stories. 

above is the BTS of my grand home studio - below are the results

Here i added another gel on camera left

oh.. you thought this blog post was over? i too the prism/snowflake and added it to the mix, but i switched it up a bit. I was wondering would would happen if i placed it in front of the lens.. distortion? lens flare.. BOTH?!